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Megan Fox & Kristen Stewart in A Movie Together?

Can the world handle a film with both Megan Fox and Kristen Stewart?

They're the young starlets that movie critics love to bash on. They're easy targets thanks to their respective box office franchises (Twilight and Transformers) and they're both known to make headlines with "outlandish" quotes. But would they be good in a movie together? I think so. Here's why...

1. They're awkward, but in different ways. Stewart stumbles with her words, and Fox makes up all kinds of stories to keep people away from her true self. If they were to do a film together their characters would have to center around awkwardness.

2. Indie film, right director. In order for this collaboration to work they'll need someone like Aaron Katz, the Duplass Brothers or Jason Reitman at the helm to make sure the story finds the rhythmic balance of heartfelt and humorous with a bittersweet tone.  Cold Weather, Cyrus and Up in the Air all achieve that blend. The Stewart-Fox project should be a movie about sisters who take a road trip before they head in opposite life directions or something like that. 

3. Now is the time! If this project were to happen, it would have to be soon. Strike while the iron's hot and Twilight is still very much pop sensation, especially amongst teen girls. But would the Twilight-Transformers audience show up for an indie film like this? Maybe so, maybe not. But that's not the point. As Charlie Kaufman puts it:

When you go in with the intention of exploring something real, then that's what you'll get no matter what's around it. It may not even be successful—people may not like it and it may make no money—but that is what you'll have. And if you go into something with the intention of showing off and just being absurd for absurdity's sake, then hey, that's what you'll get. I'm interested in trying to find a real moment between people.

With the right material it's possible that a Stewart-Fox movie could give us something interesting and dare I say... real.