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Notable New Releases

The Book of Eli
The Hughes Brothers' post-apocalyptic journey is a badass action movie wrapped in a faith-based drama that really worked for me. It also features yet another great Gary Oldman villain and an effective score by former NIN member Atticus Ross.

Extras include:

  • WB Maximum Movie Mode
  • A Lost Tale: Billy - short film in graphic novel style that tells a story of a young Carnegie
  • Starting Over
  • Eli's Journey
  • 'The Book of Eli' Soundtrack
  • Deleted and Alternate Scenes

Youth in Revolt
A really funny and underrated film. Cera finally gets to play another character and the supporting cast is uniformly great. How can I not love a movie about a guy from Oakland who recommends Fellini films?

Extras include:

  • Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Auditions

Mystery Train (Criterion Collection)
Jim Jarmusch's quirky tribute to Memphis get the Criterion treatment.

Extras include:

  • Q & A with Jim - this is a rather long but very entertaining Q & A session with director Jim Jarmusch in which he addresses a number of questions sent to him from fans from all over the world
  • I Put a Spell on Me - excerpts from the 2001 documentary Screaming' Jay Hawkins: I Put a Spell on Me
  • Memphis Tour - a fascinating look at the city, its people, history, culture, as well as many of the locations seen in director Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train
  • Polaroids - a collection of photos from different locations seen throughout the film, actors, memorabilia, etc.
  • Photo gallery
  • Booklet - a 26-page illustrated booklet containing Denis Lim's essay "Strangers in the Night" (the author is a contributor to the New York Times and Los Angeles Times), as well as Peter Guralnick's "Memphis Blues Again"

Flash Gordon Blu-ray
Save the universe from Ming the Merciless in HD. Can't wait to hear those Queen songs in DTS.

Extras include:

  • Artist Alex Ross interview
  • Screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr. interview
  • The first chapter of the 1930's Crabbe Flash serial