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Notable New Releases

A Single Man
Fashion designer Tom Ford's directorial debut received great reviews for Colin Firth's performance and the amazing visuals. Look forward to checking it out.

Extras include:
  • Commentary
  • The Making of A Single Man

Brooklyn's Finest
Antoine Fuqua's latest looks pretty cliche but I still wanna see it out for the great cast.

Extras include:
  • Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Chaos & Conflict: The Life Of A New York Cop
  • Boyz N The Real Hood
  • An Eye For Detail: Director Featurette
  • From The MTA To The WGA: Writer Featurette

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Swedish film based on the first of the popular book series. It's supposed to be really good, the two sequels have already been released in Sweden and an American remake is in the works.

Extras include:
  • Interviews with Director Niels Arden Oplev and actor Noomi Rapace
  • The Vanger Family Tree Featurette

Steamboat Bill, Jr. Blu-ray
Buster on Blu! In the silent era, it was common practice for filmmakers to create two separate negatives of their films, each comprised of differing takes and camera angles. This edition contains both versions of Steamboat Bill, Jr.: the version from the Buster Keaton Estate version and the version from the Killiam Shows Archive, each mastered from archival 35mm materials. A must own.

Extras include:
  • Documentary on the making of the film
  • Stills gallery
  • "Why They Call Him Buster," a montage of pratfalls
  • Two vintage recordings of the folk song "Steamboat Bill"

Jason and the Argonauts Blu-ray
Harryhausen's 1963 classic gets a high-def upgrade with some great extras. Can't wait to see some skeleton action in HD!

Extras include:
  • Commentary by Filmmaker Peter Jackson and visual effects artist Randall William Cook
  • Commentary by Ray Harryhausen and film historian Tony Dalton
  • Never-released interactive photo gallery with original storyboards
  • Interviews with Ray Harryhausen by John Landis
  • Ray Harryhausen Chronicles
  • The Harryhausen Legacy

Ladybugs Blu-ray
It's Dangerfield, get it. No extras though, Lionsgate has no respect.


DEZMOND said...

A SINGLE MAN was quite unique and stylish cool little movie. Loved Matthew Goode in it.

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