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Trailer - Blue Like Jazz

Director Steve Taylor's new film stars Marshall Allman (True Blood) as a student wrestling with his religious identity as he goes to college and finds himself among people who are not very accommodating when it comes to religious belief. It was based on Donald Miller‘s semi-autobiographical book and was adapted for the screen by Miller, Taylor, and Ben Pearson. Fans of the book actually helped raise nearly three times a goal of $125k on Kickstarter to get the movie finished. Faith is a fascninating subject that rarely gets an even-handed approach that allows it to explore ideas. Vera Farmiga's excellent Higher Ground is a rare exception that comes to mind. They can be tricky but this definitely looks like something worth seeking out. FYI the song in the trailer is 'Muscle'n Flo' by Menomena. Blue Like Jazz will premiere on March 13 at SXSW and then will be released in theaters by Roadside Attractions on April 13.


Emily said...

So excited for this! I think Donald Miller is great and I'm glad to see another film with an accurate portrayal of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Yes,Yes, can't wait !!!

Jazz said...

Hi, I just wanted to submit a little correction. The song in the trailer is not Muscle'n Flo. It's TAOS. Still by Menomena though.