Dream Casting: The Bodyguard remake

Going back to my earlier Reel Artsy days I used to come up with "dream casts" for movies that may not ever get made. Why? Because it's a fun thing to do. It's what film nerds do in their spare time: speculate and chat about our favorite actors in new roles. Twitter is a great outlet to spout out all sorts of dream casting lists, but I decided to go one step further and write a post about this... Which brings me back to the topic of this post: A remake of The Bodyguard. Will it ever happen? Maybe, maybe not. But it's fun to fantasize. 

The soundtrack for The Bodyguard is one of these best in cinema. Whitney Houston singing "I Will Always Love You" is iconic. It would be hard for anyone, ANYONE, to live up to the kind of success she had with the soundtrack for that movie. Which brings me to my main point: Why not go in a completely different direction with a remake? 

I was thinking about the origins of that iconic song and its ties to country music. Dolly Parton. What if they switched things around? What if the guy was a popular country music singer that needed a bodyguard? And so I got to thinking who could pull off that role? What actress could play a highly trained former military type, flawed, distance, but likable? And then it hit me... I was reminded of Sonequa Martin Green's character Sasha on The Walking Dead. When she had her "breakdown" last season Green's performance was raw, emotional, and you believed every bit that she had become an expert with a kill shot. Even kick-butt Michonne was scared for Sasha in those moments.

Martin-Green could be the bodyguard. And for the country singer... I'm thinking Josh Turner. Mostly because of his deep voice. Hearing his version of "I Will Always Love You" could be something special. I have no idea if Turner can act, or if he even wants to. But, there you have it. My two leads in The Bodyguard remake.

What do you think? Should The Bodyguard get a reboot? Who would you cast if it was? 


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